About me

My name is Scott Davies and I am a published games industry professional currently living in Derby, UK. Occasionally I find time to update Twitter and update my blog or Facebook with more about what I've been doing recently.

Here at you'll find a collection of my experiences and expertise that accurately represent my various skills as a games programmer.


Here are some of the projects I have been working on in my own time:

Woodlands Harvest

Woodlands Harvest is a unique slide-to-match puzzle game for Android, iOS and WebGL, developed over 3 months using Unity.

Woodlands Harvest has Facebook integration, in-app purchases and Tapjoy (Ad/App Monetisation) integration.

The game dynamically scales to allow portrait or landscape gaming at any resolution, and features in-game boosters, a fully-featured tutorial and a very carefully balanced difficulty curve.

It is designed to be played socially, cross-platform and on any device (including older low-powered devices). It can also be played in a browser.

By modifying open-source early-generation games console emulators and integrating them with user accounts and central database, I have produced is designed to award players achievements for playing emulated games using a central hub for competition, collaboration and encourages user-led creation of further achievements.

The emulators themselves cannot be monetised, but interfacing with the website, wiki and forums will be ad-supported.

The interfacing code is written in C/C++ where appropriate to the existing emulator, and the web interface is written in PHP with MySQL backend. The site uses AJAX, Websockets, HTML, CSS, some Javascript and Amazon S3 integration.

Since March 2013, over 10000 users have signed up, and nearly 2 million achievements have been awarded. The site regularly has a minimum of 50 users online and attracts around 220k pageviews per month.

More Info

My full resume is currently available in .docx or .pdf format

Contact me at

Recent Experience

007 Legends at Eurocom as a games programmer (multiplayer), PS3/360/PC/WiiU

"Multiplayer is where the real action is" - OXM

"[The multiplayer] is a peerless experience" - Gaming Nexus

"the four-player split-screen mode stands out" - IGN

GoldenEye Reloaded at Eurocom as a games programmer (multiplayer), PS3/360

"the game shines in multiplayer" - IGN

"the multiplayer is a lot of fun" - IncGamers

"[its] greatest selling point is its multiplayer" - PlanetXBox

Past Experience

Tools Developer at Eurocom

MotoGP 10/11 at Monumental Games as a games programmer, PS3/360

MotoGP 09/10 at Monumental Games as a junior games programmer, PS3/360

Football Superstars at Monumental Games as a technical designer, PC


BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming at the University of Derby 2005-2009


Here are some of the games I have developed, as both a student and a hobbyist:

Physics demo (C++/DX)

A graphical demo using TrueAxis, DirectX and TinyXML to create a dynamic, physics-based sandbox (open-source, hosted on Sourceforge). Allows telnet-like connections to remotely manage variables in real-time. See video below.

Download from Sourceforge

DirectX Runtime Web Installer

Jeweled (C++/SDL)

Two like-for-like imitations of the famous game Bejeweled, one written in C++ with SDL, and one in pure Tcl/Tk. Developed as a final deliverable for a 'Languages, Platforms and Tools' module at Derby University:

Download (Win32)

Download (Tcl/Tk)

ActiveState ActiveTcl Tcl/Tk interpretter

* To execute a Tcl/Tk file, you will need a Tcl/Tk interpretter such as ActiveTcl (see downloads).

'Jeweled' (Bejeweled clone) screenshot

NPCardGame (C++/SDL)

A unique multiplayer networked card game for four people over TCP/UDP, where the object is to discard your hand by placing larger value cards down, or a '1'. Developed as a Network Programming module deliverable at Derby University.

Download (Win32)

Screenshot of NPCardGame - four players playing


Here are some of the tools I have developed to ease or assist in software development. Sources should all compile under VS2008 unless otherwise stated.


A tiny C# .NET gui app to easily find and remove any unwanted file extensions This was originally done to ease development across locations, without having to set up a CMS, and I still use it today:

Download (Win32)

Download Source (C#)


Another tiny C# .NET gui app to build a list of text fetched from the clipboard.

Download (Win32)

Download Source (C#)